October 12, 2007

You're Wrong

I saw NOFX live last year while I was still living in Malaysia. I had been told by a friend to check them out, so the show seemed like the perfect intro. They put on an amazing set, and I downloaded their entire discography the night I got home. Godbless torrents.

It has been taking me a while to get through their entire catalogue. I was driving tonight and the song You're Wrong came on my iPod shuffle and something about it just made me smile. I thought I would share the lyrics with you here. I am going to see if I can learn to play then song and when I do, I will post a short video clip. In the meantime, I know the lyrics are immature and sophmoric, but they say some pretty important things at the same time:

You're wrong about virtues of Christianity
And you're wrong if you agree with Sean Hannity
If you think that pride is about nationality, you're wrong

You're wrong when you imprison people turning tricks
And you're wrong about trickle down economics
If you think that punk rock doesn't mix with politics, you're wrong

You're wrong for hating queers and eating steers
If you kill for the thrill of the hunt
You're wrong 'bout wearing fur and not hating Ann Coulter
Cause she's a cunted cunt

You're wrong if you celebrate Columbus Day
And You're wrong if you think there will be a Judgement Day
If you're a charter member of the NRA, you're wrong

You're wrong if you support capital punishment
And you're wrong if you don't question your government
If you think her reproductive rights are inconsequent, you're wrong

You're wrong fighting Jihad, your blind faith in God
Your religions are all flawed,
You're wrong about drug use, when its not abuse
I hope you never reproduce

You're getting high on the downlow
A victim of Cointelpro
You're wrong and will probably never know

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  1. I think I forget to tell you just how much I love reading your posts! You are very inspiring and I love your 'voice' when you write.

    I tried (ok, only once or twice) to be more serious in my posting and possibly imitate you..........not happening, sorry mate.

    I have to stick to the tried and true superficial Shoe Diva that I am. However, once my classes start blogging - watch this space - we will have to hook up our students.

    My latest blog is on our new apartment. You and M inspired me with the amazing things you did with your new Doha space.

    As always, keep your posts coming. They are a welcome respite as I wade my way through 20 adolescent novels in a bid for meaningful Literature Circles :-)