October 7, 2007

Rock Garden Weekend

The weather is becoming cooler here. It no longer feels like a frontal assault every time you open the door to a place that is not air-conditioned. They say that by November it will actually be enjoyable: cool nights and cloudless agreeable days.

My weekend:

Thursday night found me in my front yard hosting a pre-party for one of the biggest parties of the year. I didn’t plan on going. Every year one of the teachers from our school invites two hundred and fifty people to her compound clubhouse for an Oktoberfest. Standing around watching people get drunk while I stayed sober didn’t sound like my cup of tea, however sitting on our new patio furniture smoking my hookah, chit chatting with new friends before they went off to party, did.

Obviously they talked me into going. At one point I found myself walking home through the desert at one am as a blood soaked moon lay crescent I the sky. Counting down a few more days till the end of Ramadan. The party sucked. I watched people get wasted on Jell-O shots and squirts of Tequila from a super soaker, as they told me how much they admired me for not drinking. I shared a few of my stories, like the X-mas tree jail tale to the awe and pleasure of my new drunken friends. Maybe next time I will roll out some cocaine or acid stories, I told them. They looked at me like I was HST, although they have no idea who he is. I felt so cool being sober. Since everyone was drunk, I was the odd man out. Once again I found a way to experience my own reality.

The next day: ran errands, took Kaia to the pool and watched an episode of American Dad that I bought on iTunes and watched on my ipod connected to my TV. I am making technology work for me.

Today, I collected nine 11x14 and three 8x10 photo for the frames in our house. I cleaned them all and put up my photos throughout the house. It is nearly done. A large mirror still needs to be mounted on the wall, and we still need to put up a few wall hangings form Laos and Vietnam and we can relax.

Then I went to the dump to collect two carloads of rocks for the little garden I am building outside my curb. Pics coming soon. After that I was off to the Plant Souq, or market, to buy some greenery for my enclosed yard. I bought two Bougainvilleas, a Frangipani, and a few other trees. It was dark by the time I got home, so I will plant them tomorrow. Gardening may be my new Zen meditation thing, if I can keep it up. I will keep you posted

I am reading a mediocre Kurt Vonnegut booked, called Galapagos, so I have to get to bed, if I want to finish it so I can get back to my Vidal series, Hollywood arrived last week.

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