February 26, 2008

Odds and Ends

I see a trend developing here at the Flame- I spend all my time pouring over extravagant posts over at my teaching blog only to come here and say how busy I am. I am sorry to repeatedly cross-post, but my energy lies in my work right now. Having said that, there is a post I am very excited about, so please hop over and read this.

In other news, I thought it was kind of cool that one of my readers found my site through Google's new book search engine. It is exciting to see that my thoughts are now part of the global conversation about books. Look down in the left hand corner where it says Reference From Web Pages, and you will see an IntrepidFlame shout out. Web 2.0 is connecting us all.

In closing, Nader is back. While I swore to disconnect myself from American Politics this season, because the entire system is polluted and infected with greed and corruption, it is nice to see him back at it. Risking ridicule and scorn, I will say that I still agree with the candidate who fights for what I believe. Until the Dems fight for these issues they will never get my vote.

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