March 20, 2008

I Was Up Above It....

I lost my job ten days ago. I threw out my back two days ago. I am warding off a low-grade depression that comes from not seeing people all day, agonizing back pain, and the inability to find comfort in anything, much less words. While some may romanticize unemployment, I simply see it as a time when I cannot do the thing I love most- teach.

Today is the Persian New year and first day of spring, once again another difficult winter for me. Looking forward to see what blossoms this coming year and spring. At this point, things can’t get much worse.

I am working on a few posts, so please stay tuned...


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    If it is any consolation I miss you here school, lunchtime especially is lacking a little something.


  2. Keep your head up Beez! Happy No Ruz!

  3. bz- i am so sorry to hear that you are having a rough patch. if you need a sympathetic ear- feel free to email me. if there is anything i can do- let me know. you have helped me in immeasurable ways- and if i can be of any small comfort- i am here.

  4. Damn, Jabiz... I had no idea. I am so sorry to hear about your predicament. I will be emailing you soon.

  5. Anonymous8:33 PM

    We've never met, but I feel I know you through my son, who was one of your 7th grade students at ASD (Joey). He was a new student and only had the pleasure of your company for a few months, but in that brief time you made a tremendous difference in his life. He talked about you and your class every day and declared that you were the best teacher he'd ever had.
    We were shocked at your dismissal and expressed our shock and dismay to school officials. I'm sorry you've had to experience this very undeserved job loss, but hope that knowing how much your students admire you will buoy you in these difficult days.
    Please keep on doing what you've been doing. The world needs more teachers like you.

    Rebecca Mertz