September 29, 2008

Some Joy

It has been a while since I have mentioned project Transformation, so here is a quick photo essay of what is going on. The exercise regiment, much to my dismay, has been put on hold. First there was my trip to China, and now my daughter's sleeping schedule is out of whack and she is up at 4:30, 5:00, 5:30...the mornings are a mess. Looking to get back on track soon.

Food is not going so well either. Have fallen into old habits and need to refocus on cooking. I hope to have my first community building dinner party soon. Details forthcoming.

In other news, I am still aware of my promise to engage with nature. Because when you look at your window and see this:

or go for a walk and see this:

You need some help. Behind my bedroom I have a tiny little porch, and since the weather has been cooling off, I have tentatively started building my back porch garden.

I swept it out today and planted some basil. I will monitor and display the progress here. I have also been cloning indoor plants, and my first one went into dirt today:

I hope to have some photos of the indoor plants soon. They are looking pretty good. Finally, a few weeks ago my wife put out some bird seed, but no birds would dare come to the window ledge. For the last few days however, we have had a few brave doves make the journey.

So there you have it. Things in Transformation, are not going great, but I am still aware of my original goals and am trying to stay on task. I am excited about the little garden and my upcoming dinner, and the indoor plants and outdoor birds are giving me some joy.


  1. cloning, eh? :) we folksy type folks call it 'rooting' :) bz- i have betmo's corner too- haiku and stuff- and the saying in the header over there is 'beauty's where you find it'- and yes, it's a rip off of vogue. but that doesn't mean it isn't true :) i think it is great that you are creating your own nature out of a pile of sand. i would hazard a guess that folks have been doing that for milennia. it's just when you get caught up in consumerism- as it looks like your arab neighbors have done- and the entire western world as well, that you lose sight of what's really important. i am hoping that some of us rubbed off on the inlaws while they were visiting this summer. holiday times are nightmares. they were all about gifts and whatnot- but we began to push for not so much- simply because we all have too much as it is. we would ask each other for lists and whatnot- and we couldn't come up with anything. same with my friends- i had to talk with them. i have not been shy. i don't think you can be with the people who are closest to you.

    anyway, i said all of that to say this- keeping moving forward. you don't have to go back and do over- just start again. it will take eventually. the forward momentum is what is really important. life is a journey after all- it isn't the getting there that's important- it's how you get there. :)

  2. Is it called rooting? I knew cloning wasn't the right word, so I just guessed.

  3. Even in the woodsy part of the world where I live, it often takes the birds a week or more (sometimes months) to find a new bird feeder. Nature will teach you patience ;)

    Also, I notice a lot of green off your balcony. What grows there?

  4. That is actually my neighbor's weird shrub lawn. Keep in mind that it is maintained by a staff of about ten. I have never seen said neighbors.