October 7, 2008


I think I have made my thoughts on the Obama campaign quite clear here at Intrepid Flame, so please do not take this post as a change of heart. I still feel that any support for a a Democratic candidate who does not talk to the issues that matter is the wrong choice for anybody who is concerned with revolutionary change. Let's face it, if you are not concerned with a major overhaul of the system that who cares who is in the White House.

Wow! Even when I try to be brief, I feel it getting away from here. Let me get to the point- my best friend Ari has started a new blog/art project/political statement.

Here is what he says,
  1. Grab a scrap of paper and write something down like Obama '08. Then find a public space to place it, paste it, tack it, fold it, stick it.
  2. Email me a photo of it, and i'll put up on this blog. (His email address is on the blog.)
We only have one month to go. 30 days until the defining election of our generation, our lives. Every vote counts and so does every note. Barack the note. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, email http://barackthenote.blogspot.com/ to everyone you know.

Yes we can. Yes we can.

In a personal note he goes on to say,
will you make a barack note and photo of it.

i know both parties are the same, but i really think john mccain might be worse than bush. bush i think knows he is just a filthy rich businessman who was born into a dynasty...mccain is this war hero cowboy moron who i think really believes in all the lies bush knew were bullshit

i at least think obama represents a change in the white male protestant presidential paradigm...and maybe that might hint at a 14 year old chomsky out there to get elected one day under something called the Education Party.

So there you have it folks. I always love any grassroots DIY campaigns. I am not sure if I will make a Barack note, but I may try my hand at a Nader, Mckinney, or Sheehen note ( I don't care if they haven't a chance of winning. I just want to hear people talk about these things out in the public. Tell Obama to pick a few of these things and I will do more that see you over at barack-thenote.

Good Luck Ari!


  1. Here's a similar sort of thing. Yarn Harlot

    Except it's way cooler, in my opinion, because it involves knitting and politics. You have to be a knitter to play, so I realize that leaves a lot of people out, but also it's not that hard to learn to knit. Some old lady down the street can probably teach you in a relaxed afternoon.

    And then you get points for getting heads of state to pose for a photo with your knitting. Check out the blog for a couple examples. Someone actually got Barack to hold her handknitted sock in progress. Anyway, you get the picture, you get points, and then for every point anyone gets in the game, the Yarn Harlot will donate money to Doctors Without Borders, which seems to me like a much more worthwhile cause than the political circus.

    You should at least go read the rules and Stephanie's (she's the Yarn Harlot) reasoning behind the game.

  2. Anonymous6:28 PM

    You might want to do a Google on Taxi to the Dark Side. It's a documentary about the Iraq War. Caught my eye because of it's (currently) 100% rating on rottentomatoes.com