March 28, 2009


I am not usually a fan of anonymous comments, but I received one today that made me feel pretty good. It said:

So here is my slap-shod answer. I have been lazy and tired and not all together motivated. I have been absorbing and procrastinating. I have been watching movies like this:

And this:

And this:

I have been reading a great book that has me thinking and not writing. I have been detached and aloof. I have been all over the web on Twitter and Facebook. I have been connecting and reconnecting and disconnecting.

In short, I have been here. I have been living. But your comment, who ever you are,made me realize that maybe there is at least one person out there reading and so I need to be writing, or at least creating and producing and sharing. Thank you. Regular blog posts forthcoming. I hope.


  1. there are those of us out here bz- that do blogs instead of facebook and twitter :) i only say that because everyone i know in the blogosphere has plugged into both of those things like it's the new 'pop rocks' fad or something :) i had been on pseudo hiatus since november. i was just worn out and fried. the long nightmare that was bushco and the rethugs hadn't ended yet- and then after the inauguration i just needed to recharge. i guess i assumed that that's what you were doing. :) of course we miss your words and insights- and book reviews :) i am going to finish 'the shock doctrine' now that bushco is out of office. it still angers me but i may be able to actually get through it now that i don't have to see them daily on the news.

  2. I am not sure that Twitter and Facebook are fads, they have helped me make some pretty amazing connections.

    But they have hurt my need to write for sure. I will make a conscious effort to get back to writing more regularly.

    Thanks for your continuous support.