March 31, 2009

Engaged Life 1

For some reason reading The Engaged Spiritual Life by Donald Rothberg has felt like an arduous journey. Which is strange because I have loved every second of it, but for the last month I have been mired in the pages of this book. Perhaps the difficulty has been the inventory the book has made me take of my own ideals, actions, and intentions toward social change.

I want to try something new, rather than sit and try to recap what I have learned as one post, I want to build a multi-media portfolio of the lines I have highlighted throughout the book.

Everyday, I will type out on of the passages or lines form the book, in order from the beginning, and add some kind of insight. I may use photographs that I take or find on the web, (perhaps these can be printed for inspiration and motivation),video, poetry, or maybe just a quick paragraph about why that item stuck out for me. I will tag these posts as Engaged Life and hopefully when completely this portfolio will be a reflection of the lessons I learned and hopefully may prove helpful for readers.
This work is to be aware and present to what is happening, responding compassionately to suffering, understanding our interdependence, and acting with grace, equanimity, and passion in difficult circumstance.
Page 1 (Introduction)

Photo by Midnight-digital

This first quote pretty much wraps up the themes of the book. I will have much more to say soon.

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