June 18, 2009

Iran A Nation of Bloggers

As an Iranian and a blogger, though not necessarily an "Iranian Blogger" I simply fell in love with this little clip from the Vancouver Film School students. A perfect blend of history and artistic intergity, this is a must watch video. Please share widely:


  1. sunny nite5:27 PM

    i have actually seen this video and was pretty amazed at how internet savvy the youth of iran is. im not an iranian but ive been to iran and recently ive been closely followin the iranian elections.

    u must know tat the media is showin so much tat its a little confusin wat to believe and wat NOT to believe. so i ask u, as a mousavi supporter, what kind of reforms/change are u expecting to be brought abt??

  2. I am actually not a Mousavi supporter per se. He is a refomer and I support more revolutionary elements. I am just ready for an opening up of Iran, by any means necessary. I hope that somehow the Supreme leader will be disposed and the Islamic Republic of Iran will be no more.

    Tall order I know. For now, I will take what I can get. If Mousavi can get 2 million people into the streets, than he as got my attention.

  3. sunny nite8:53 PM

    wow..well tats getting a little ahead of ourselves here dont u think??i mean wishin for an iran without a supreme leader is like wishing the islamic revolution never took place.are u tellin me that the majority of iran is not happy with its religious elements?

    mousavi may have ur attention but i think even u know tat hes not got those 2million ppl out on the streets by promising an iran without a supreme leader. nor have any of the other candidates for tat matter.which is precisely y it makes me wonder...whats gettin all these young iranians to come out and create such a hue and cry on ahmedinejad winning??

  4. What can I say I dream big. I think that the majority of Iranians are not happy about the state of the Islamic Republic, and are looking for change. What that looks like or who will lead it, till remains to be seen.

    As for how Mousavi got those 2 million people in the streets please read my next post.