June 19, 2009

Perfect Sadness

There is perfect sadness in the world. You can feel it best alone, beneath a large empty sky. This despondency, ironically, has not been planned to cause you grief. No, this tenderness is here to remind you that you are human.

This is the place where we connect and share our fears, our loves, our lives. This may be the only place where we are fully human. I can only assume that you have felt it too, because it is the only place I feel alive, and I cannot be the only person living in our universe.

They say that only the fittest are meant to survive, and I will take their word on that; I see it all around me: pecking orders and hierarchies, shifting power bases and politics. They scramble to the top, eating, fucking and killing each other on their way up and back down, but what evolution doesn’t take into account is our ability to feel this sadness, and in doing so understand our ability to love each other.

Perhaps our evolutionary path must take a detour through this tenderness. Maybe out here alone, beneath the stars, we will feel our interconnectness and move beyond our biology.

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