June 14, 2010

A New Inferno

A year ago, an election was rigged, young people became enraged, and the streets first turned green then red. Iranians were suddenly the flavor du jour. Support poured in from every direction, #iranelection and green avatars on twitter looked like they could wipe away thirty years of tyranny, ignorance, and brutal religious fervor.

The people chanted from roof tops. The pundits speculated. A history was told and retold. The young and the old stood up to power and demanded freedom. For a second it looked as if Iran woulds finally be free, but just as quickly as it started it ended. The rallies, the fires, the demonstration, the rage all flickered to a lull and eventually disappeared. It is now business as usual, and a year later the world has once again forgotten about Iran.

Our need for freedom has become another “remember when” CNN sound bite. I have word from inside Iran that the mood is still one of disillusionment and disappointment. Once again the cock of the walk struts his stuff, and now the world is responding by imposing fresh sanctions. Iran has regained its place on the axis of evil, and all those freedom fighters and brave young people demanding their freedom a year ago have once again been transformed into an angry mob Middle Easterners.

I just wanted to document that there are voices out here still waiting for the still lingering hot coals to spark and ignite a new inferno.

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