June 23, 2010

wiser than the law

I am in love. There is no other way to say it. Listening to Blind Pilot, a band I just discovered, gives me such a sense of sadness melted into joy that I can barely control my euphoria. Strong words? Obviously, but these are songs of simple purity. Hauntingly sparse narratives that tell the story of us all. Add to that tender guitar, broomstick percussion, and every so often a trumpet.

These songs take me back to a place I have never been and let me run free until I sense the fear of being totally unbound. Like a trusty map, they guide me back reassured and ready to face the world. These songs exemplify want I need from music.

The fact that these guys also use wordpress as their main website and at one point toured from Washington to San Diego on bikes is not important compared to the music they create. We want our art simple and accessible, but only after we have worked our way through its complexity. Much like any given day, these songs tear us down so we can rise once again.

Anybody out there who understands my musical palette and respects my taste in music, I highly suggest you immerse yourself in Blind Pilot. I will refrain from saying much more at this time. I suggest you watch this song and then click through the other eight to ten songs.

we were stronger than the preachers
we were wiser than the law
took our sleeping by the river
and the beaches in your car
up where you taught me how to drive a stick
and told me your family secret
you were scared i was caught

1 comment:

  1. I'm from Chile and in this part of the world we think just the same, they are fantastic. This lyrics with sincerity and confesion of all of us are just espectacular. Good taste man