July 27, 2010

EveryBody's Dying Just To Get The Disease, or a year in the life

Started this project a year ago on Dailymugshot.com. I have now taken 365 pictures on the site, and I told myself when I got to 1 year I would do something with them all. From the first shot, I knew that I wanted to play with editing the images on iMovie and using this Elliot Smith song. I hope youtube doesn't mute the music for Copy Right reasons. I am sure Elliott would have dug this piece.

Music is the soundtrack of our lives and if I am not making any money off of it, I should be able to create art with his music. Hope you like it. Watch while you can. Let's see what I can do with two years worth next year.

There is something in this project about identity, change, time, the obsession with self, but I can't be bother to spell it out. You tell me if it evokes any ideas, feelings, or thoughts.

You can continue to follow the daily pictures here.


  1. Great one, Mr. Raisdana!
    It seems like a real music video.

  2. What do you mean "seems like a real" video? It is a real video. Just kidding, I know what you mean. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous8:56 PM

    that is really quite cool! Marcus

  4. I love it! I love the range of looks, and when your girls pop into the picture occasionally. Very fun!

  5. Karen Swift7:12 PM

    As I said before you steal it as your motto! "Narcissistic but Nice!!!" Clever and talented as always Mr Raisdana!