July 27, 2010

Flexed and Ready

I have been on a roll this week. The writing has come easy and the video last night was so much fun to make. I felt so alive staying up past midnight piecing it together. But like all good things this spell is beginning to dry up. I am not feeling very well today, and I am still exhausted from the late night last night. I feel that I should push through and try to write a little every night to see if I can keep this run going longer.

I am planning to start this book on August 1st and these journal entries are like warm up exercises for my upcoming marathon. I hope to dedicate at least one hour a night strictly to the book. I want to have 200 pages by X-Mas. I am not too worried about a formal plan or organization at this stage. I have some rough ideas of where I want to go. It will be a non-fiction romp through the various experiences I have had in my life that have helped me become a life long learner and global citizen. Yes, I will ridicule how trite educational jargon has become, but it will not be an Educational book.

Image by bhamsandwich

Today has been long and my mood is bored and lethargic. After a great creative week, I have bottomed out. Creativity is luck based at best. We can try and cultivate it, but really we are at its mercy. I am starting to see, however, that if we push through the barren times that perhaps we can keep the gears greased enough to make the machine continue working past its efficiency.

I have never been one to exercise. The routine never seems worthwhile to me. I always start off with a determination worthy of an Olympiad, but end up taking a day or two off, to find myself giving up completely. A writing routine is the same. It is easy to write when your brain can’t be silenced, but it is another thing to sit at the machine when you are tired, bored, and frustrated and try to push through.

The result is self-serving jabbering, but maybe a small nugget of value can salvaged. If not, at least I can sleep knowing that the muscles have been flexed and ready for the next time inspiration hits.

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