July 28, 2010


It hurts. Drained. Wrecked. Weak body malnourished kept alive by these sad songs. We seldom think back to these quiet nights when our bodies recuperate from a mild sickness. Tonight these sore joints and mild headache surround each minute like a shroud, but are quickly forgotten when we are well.

It is taking my mind off the malaise if I shine the light on it for a few minutes tonight. Loss of appetite, but starving. Such minor aches and pains, seem trivial to think about while others are starving or crying from cancer or aids. A cold soar, sniff neck and nausea. Fatigue and headache. Pain in the teeth.

Just need to shuffle these words and regurgitate them onto this empty page and leave them alone till I find a remedy.

Wrecked sad songs.
quiet nights. sore joints
each minute a shroud

on the malaise I shine a light
a few minutes of appetite.
aches and pains
in the teeth.

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