February 4, 2011

Concrete Sky

Jakarta is not a beautiful place. Yes it is true, Indonesia is filled with breathtaking islands like Lombok and Bali. It is a nation draped in (for now) verdant rainforests, but the nation's capital also known as "The Big Durian" is not a pretty place. The streets are clogged with traffic, the sky filled with pollution and trash can be seen nearly everywhere. Having said all that, there is something easy going and fluid about the place. I feel comfortable and at home here.

Sure we live in affluent suburb on the rim of the actually city, but six months in I can say Jakarta is for me! Whether it is dirty or not, or whether I like it or not, did not make today's assignment any easier for me. There are times the light and the clouds and the rain and the storms do amazing things in the sky but for the last few months this has not been the case.

The sky has been gray and drab and blah. So here you have it:

Look upward today. Make a photograph with a low horizon and that emphasizes the sky.

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