February 2, 2011

The Dead Won’t Go To Death

I was online reading some blogs, looking at photos and listening to music, when one of my favorite Iranian artists came on my iTunes. Farhad Mehrdad's broody music is seeped in melancholy and angst just like I like it. Wikipedia says:
Farhad Mehrad (Persian: فرهاد مهراد), (January 20, 1944 – August 31, 2002) widely known in Iran as Farhad was an award winning Persian legendary Rock singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and icon.[verification needed] He rose to prominence among Iranian Rock and Folk musicians before the Iranian Revolution, but after the revolution he was banned from singing for several years. His first concert after the Iranian revolution was held in 1993. To this day he is considered one of the most influential, revolutionary, gifted and respected Iranian artists of all time.
I carry his songs like a journal from my childhood and a mirror to my constantly fading cultural ties. I wanted to share this piece of Iran with readers of this blog, so you have a more balanced view of who we Iranians are.

I tried my hand at some translation, but realized that there are more than a few gaps. Language like culture fades if not tended to and caressed. I tried my best, but I hope that my mom or dad or other Iranian readers will amend the mistakes and add their views in the comments.

The alleyways are narrow
And the stalls are shut
The houses are dark
the roofs broken

From a falling sound
They remove the dead
Street to street

The dead won’t go to death
Even on Saturday living ??? won’t go
They’re like an extinguished furnace 
Although it may be shut off
Is still full of gas

I don’t have the patience anymore
With good hope or bad..???

?????distance from
The work with this work ???

The alleyways are narrow
And the stalls are shut
The houses are dark
the roofs broken

Let me know what you think. I will share other songs soon...

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