June 3, 2011

wish there was a song

wish there was a song
to smear into your pores
wish there were words
to enter you:
where you need me most.
tucked in corners
hidden in angles,
you’ll horde me.
mistake me not:
         no ordinary parasite
         i’ll feed you
        from within.

sometimes we rattle
the untouchable.
disruption is creation,
bob and dance
bang the drum
clatter the bursting clouds
breeding in routine.

sometimes we  arouse
forgotten promises
crammed in the closet
crank the amp
and bleed the truth.

too much for you?
a truth
your youth?

listen to the reflective echoes
bouncing in our head,
i hear them too.

sometimes we crave for the words
to shoot from the page
and crack like thunder

bleed us dry
leave the flesh

it was never
at the bottom of the bottle
never out there
never an escape.

always right here:
in front of us
inside of you
inside of me.

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