September 1, 2011

The Rajdhani Express

Woke up this morning to an email that started like this
My quest to become a musician before my 33rd birthday has been a smashing success!  Not only have I learned to play my ukulele, written songs, performed internationally, and even made money at it, my cd arrived 3 days before my birthday!  It's been outstanding and I must thank everyone for being so supportive in all of this business.
I have been smiling all day. The email is from a friend of mine who has just released a new CD called The Rajdhani Express. I met Leslie in Shanghai last year and have been in touch with her via Twitter, where she is known as @onepercentyello. We have stayed connected through our blogs and in song. I have written tirelessly about our collaborations here, here and here because Leslie has been such an open, honest and amazing collaborate. Her love of music and the relationships built around it are contagious.

I couldn't help but take the time to share her music with as many of my friends and readers as I could. We owe it to each other as artists, as friends, and as musicians to promote each others' work, especially when it is this good! We are so lucky to live in a age where we are no longer forced to consume media or art by large corporate outlets. We can create art, consume music, and share our voices with nothing more than a laptop, an Internet connection and the raw tenacity of an artist's need to be heard.

Please support Leslie by buying her CD, liking her on Facebook, and sharing her songs with as many people as you can.  Take a listen here:

Just remeber that when Leslie gets all famous, she sang one of my songs way back in the day.

Falling out of Cars by onepercentyellow

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