August 9, 2012

Dream Room

Rough draft- first thought best thought...

Sound proof and filled with instruments-- a few guitars: electric and acoustic- six and twelve string. A Marshall stack. Pedals- chorus, wah, phalanger. An iMac and recording software. A ukulele and cello, mandolin and piano. Clarinet and harmonicas in several keys. Persian carpets, wooden walls and corduroy sofas. Burgundy and saffron colored lamps. Soft and woolen. Silk and velvet. An easel, canvases and paints- oil, water, acrylic and Gouache. Fresh baked bread and homemade jam. A fireplace and sunroof. Books, books, books. Worn and read and marked and absorbed. Photographs in frames and albums on hard drives and walls. Ghosts and memories, expectations and potential. Ceiling fan, porch, and sunflowers. Plants big and small, a planter filled with herbs- basil and mint, perhaps lavender and jasmine. Ink and charcoal. Speakers, headphones, and a tea pot. Globes, maps and a telescope. A young cat, an old dog, and a vivacious turtle. Hard wood floors and a heavy door. Large furniture heavey with age and scars. Statues made and found. A typewriter that may or may not work. A fridge stocked with fruit and cheese. Pencils sharp, mechanical and colored. Blank paper, canvases and walls. Projector, speakers and films. Incense and a breeze. Sunshine, shadows and shapes. A camera- still and video. Chocolate- cakes, ice cream, bars. Disco ball.

What would you have in your dream room?

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