January 14, 2016

Crying Is The Way

I’m guessing this is going to be a short one. My brain is mush after teaching all day, then participating in a parent writing workshop at school. The day was capped by a few glasses of wine and now it’s 9:00pm and I have a full Friday up next.

The parent workshop and the preparation for it, made me realise how powerful writing in a community can be, and also how vulnerable it makes people feel. I think there is something very necessary about making ourselves vulnerable around others. I can’t champion group writing enough. We really need to start a writing group. Who is in? Can we make this happen? We can talk details in the comments or in person.

Earlier in the day, Kosal Khiev- a poet, tattoo artist, and survivor of the US prison system reminded us that crying is the way our bodies heal from emotional injuries. Kosal, by the way, is a visiting author at our school for the week. You gotta love UWCSEA. This seemed relevant and connected to what i was saying about vulnerability, but I forget exactly what.


In other news, I’m trying to process Jakarta and what that means.


I'm also a bit freaked out by the fact that my size 32 waisted pants are now too small for me, which is weird because I have worn that size since I was twenty years old.


I am still making a bigger deal than I should about which music streaming service to choose. All I know is that I am finally giving in, and will soon abandon my need to own my own music, and I will stream it instead- at this moment it will most likely be Apple Music, although every one tells me to go with Spotify.


I didn’t have time to think too much today. I was too busy doing stuff, so I didn’t have much time for contemplate, which actually feels pretty good. Makes me think that maybe the pondering, the overthinking, the angst and the ennui come from being too idle. Maybe bloggers and philosophers would do better spending time doing stuff instead of thinking about it and deflating in it later.

Lessons Learned:

  • Everyone can write if given the chance to try it.
  • Middle age is the next big body change, for men, after puberty.  
  • Keeping yourself busy, for better or worse, makes reflecting difficult. 

  1. What is the last time you wrote a story or some fiction? 
  2. Discuss a major body change and what caused it. 
  3. What’s keeping you busy these days? 

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