January 16, 2016

Home. Dinner. Supergirl. A Shower.

12:48 am.
Today started at 5:45 am.
I can barely remember…
Mentor class= fitness Friday: bull rush on the field.

In class- looked at symbolism: personal, textual, and cultural.
Talked about snakes and the Garden of Eden.
Read and discussed: The Lord of The Flies, Les Miserable, Half A Yellow Sun and The Outsiders.

(Right now I’m listening to These Day by Nico on Spotify and it is perfectly rad.)

Seventh grade.
Gather your thoughts and back it up with evidence.

After school. Emails. Drinks in the lounge. Sangria. Chips

A shower.

Dave’s birthday: Mojitos. G&T. Cranium. Prosecco. Scotch. Cards Against Humanity.


Bright Eyes whispers in my ears.
Nothing left to do but close my eyes and sleep toward tomorrow.

Lessons Learned:

  • Give your students a chance to run when they want to run. 
  • Hard work feels good when you love what you do. 
  • Friends have a tendency to make you feel less tired. 

  1. What do treat do you students love? 
  2. What work do you find satisfying? 
  3. What do you love to do with your friends?

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