January 18, 2016

Each Day Like A Step

Not sure if I am bragging or confessing to a weird lapse of judgement, but before I crawled into bed to watch Top Chef tonight, I had some dairy free chocolate ice cream with crumpled up pieces of protein bar and chocolate sauce. Not sure what kind of craving I was trying to satiate, but I think it was satisfying.


Today was a bit heavy. I held grudges and was accused of being grumpy by nearly everyone who crossed my path. Do you ever have those moments when see that you are being petty, but choose not to smile, or let it go or move on? What’s up with that? Wouldn’t it be easier to forgive and allow yourself to be forgiven?

A little tickle, wrestle and laugh with Skyelar finally burned off the clouds, but it was a long arduous Monday.


On days like this you put your head down and teach the classes that need to be taught, meet with the people you need to meet with to plan curriculum and trips to Kenya.

You come home and turn what was meant to be a short quick run into a solid 8km run in the dense humid heat. A gentle rain cooling your skin as the clouds darken and the sun sneaks a few more rays of light beneath the oppression before the coming of night.

On days like this you cook dinner with your kids, but there is more yelling than laughing. You eat in silences and “hurry ups.”

You crank out 1,300 words of the novel and allow the night to melt away as you discover new Patty Griffin songs on Spotify, knowing that tomorrow you might try to lighten up and say sorry instead of turning inwards and remaining silent.

You might hug the people you love more often and maybe drop a compliment to people you don’t usually compliment.

But looking back on the day from the end, you realise that it’s days like this one, the ones weighed down with scowls and the strain of your ego and fatigue, that allow you to move forward.

Each day like a step.

A breath.

In motion.

Lessons Learned:

  • Give in to weird food cravings.  
  • Say sorry and start the conversation even if, especially when, you feel slighted and wronged. 
  • Some days are just meant to get shit done. 
What weird food combos do you crave? 
When and why do you hold grudges? 
What did you get done today? 

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