January 2, 2016

You’re Not As Young As You Think

From the “You’re Not As Young As You Think, You Are Actually Quite Old” vault:

Kaia and Skylar got two new two-wheeled scooters for Christmas and we have been taking them to the skatepark in East Coast Park, so they can gain confidence riding the ramps and learning to skate on slopes and jumps. They are both doing an amazing job.

Today, we also took Mairin’s new scooter and I decided to take it out on the ramps to “show the girls a thing or two.” I fluidly took a few of the gentler slopes and then I went on the steeper slope, yes the one Kaia has already mastered.

I didn’t put too much thought into it. No pads. No helmet. Just jump and go. Seemed to be working for Kaia.

I was at the bottom of the ramp, ready to enjoy my ride, when I realised that I was actually horizontal to the ground and within seconds flat on my back.

Wind knocked out.
Elbows scraped.
Internal organs shaken up.
Ego crushed.

Just like that, I was the idiot old man flat on his back as the young whippersnappers rode around me.
After I was able to breathe, which was longer than I would have liked, I dragged myself back to where Mairin was sitting. She was in a state of hysterical laughter and genuine concern.

Lessons learned:
  • Fearlessness after forty can get you killed.
  • Things that look easy and were easy when you were younger, now need your undivided attention and focus.
  • When you are taking a two-wheeled scooter down a pretty steep ramp, you might want to be prepared for death.

Until next time.

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