February 21, 2016


Sometimes I get these allergy attacks that render me crippled for the day. They start as soon as I get up and usually last until I crumple into bed that night. I am not even sure what I am allergic to or what sets them off, and I have yet to find an antihistamine that can stop them.

On days like these I will usually sneeze non-stop for hours throughout the day. Today for example, I must have sneezed at least 1000 times. My nose gets runny. My eyes burn, and I have a constant state of itchy nose and throat. I get warm flashes, a head ache, and my muscles are sore. Dis I mention there is snot? Lots and lots of snot. It gets so bad that I am not sure if it might actually be a cold or flu or just my path to an early death.

It is the worst and I have dealt with it since I was a kid.

I try to function normally. Today, I got up and wrote some reports as I held a snotty paper towel to my face to stop my sinuses from draining onto my keyboard. Then we were off to the movies where I sneezed all the way there, trying not to crash the car, while avoiding Mairin​’s disgust as I sneezed into my elbow so as try and spare the steering wheel. Driving while sneezing is not fun.

I suffered through lunch at the Living Cafe, as my head ache was at its worst around 1:00 pm. Ran to the grocery store; I waited outside and…..yup….you guessed it- I sneezed some more.

Back at home I wrote a few more reports. Collapsed into a nap of the dead. (Only time of the day I wasn’t sneezing or being drained of my sinuses) Played a miserable game of Uno with the girls. Watched (through teary eyes) some TV and now just waiting for Skye to fall asleep so I can crash and burn.

I see Theraflu in my future. It is not a cure, but it makes me feel better. Perhaps a bath with Episome Salts, Top Chef with Mairin and then some reading before sleep. Oh did I mention reports are done. So none of my whining matters. They are D.O.N.E!!!!!

1400 characters. Six classes at an average of 22 kids a class. I don’t think I even know how to do that kind of math. I have a lot to say about the topic, but with the sneezing and the hours and hours I have spent writing the damn things and complaining about them, I will just let it go. They are done and that is all that matters.

Thanks to Richard Nies​'s recommendation I am reading Season of The Witch. It’s about the history of San Francisco and it is wonderful. Well-written, easy to digest, entertaining and full of fun facts and stories about my home town. I definitely recommend it, if you are from the Bay Area, but other people might dig it too.

I'm learning so much about people whose names I recognise- Bill Graham, Herb Caen and of course Jerry Garcia, but I’m also learning about things like the Haight Street Free Clinic, Moby Grape and the birth of the psychedelic drag queen shows led by The Cocketts. I’m only about 100 pages in and we are just leaving the 60’s but I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

Good news: A presidential candidate who posts a picture of a gun with his name on it captioned America will not be the President or even a nominee. Thanks for playing Jeb.

Bad News: Trump is still scurrying around and so is Ted Cruz. #gross

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