February 29, 2016

Get Some Hair

It’s hard to know what to care about on any given day. Trump denying that he knows what white supremacy is or who David Duke is seems pretty foolish of a topic to spend any time on.

I want to say some things about The Oscars, but who really cares right? What can I add that other people haven’t already said?

I am happy Mad Max did well. I love Dicaprio and have loved nearly all of his roles since The Basketball Diaries. I want to see Spotlight. I am still mad that Forrest Gump beat out Pulp Fiction. Chris Rock's opening was important but uncomfortable. I can't believe Tom Hardy didn't win. He was brilliant. Inside Out winning was nice. Although it might be good, I have no desire to watch David Ghrol sing Blackbird.

It’s easy to be blasé and cynical when you are tired.

I ran twelve kilometers after school today, which is the furthest I have ever run, so my body and mind are a bit crushed this evening. I did a bit of work, reading a tiny stack of essays. Now, barely passed eight, I am questioning the wisdom of trying to write every night for a year. I didn’t work on my novel tonight, although I should have- citing fatigue and doing too many other things. When will that thing ever get done? Here I am bitching about writer’s block and being too tired to care about anything, when that book sits at 35,000 words and in desperate need of direction.


I met a parent after school who was pretty upset about her daughter’s reading work. After a brief conversation, I learned that there are other issues at home that are making their time difficult. So often parents want what is best for their kids, but don’t always have the tools to know what to do. No one ever said these relationships are easy. She broke down in tears. I wanted to hug her and say it would be alright, but that felt inappropriate, so I just sat their uncomfortably and waited until she got herself together. It took longer than I wanted, but I knew she needed the time.

I hope she left feeling better than when she walked in.

Life is exhausting when every one has an opinion about everything and they are all everywhere all the time. I just want to know a few thing about a few things, not necessarily what everyone thinks about all of them. Yet, here I am posting long daily opinions. Everyday!

A Twitter troll, after telling me how great Trump is, and how I have my head up my ass, told me to “BTW, get some hair.” Which I thought was pretty special.

Words I spell so incorrectly all the time that even spellcheck doesn’t know what I am talking about. I hate these words:

  • necessary
  • immediately
  • bureaucracy
  • exercise 

Up Next for me:

  • Drink two giant ice cold glasses of water. 
  • Eat some homemade granola bars. 
  • Watch Girls, Togetherness and Walking Dead in that order. 
  • Read a few pages of Eat & Run a book recommend by Ari about a vegan ultra-martin runner. (Which I am not loving BTW, but it is okay) 
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

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