March 1, 2016

Another Day

Another day. Another round of classes and meetings and announcements and briefings and emails and conversations about important things and not so important things and reading the news and worthless gossip and Trump and Sanders and Clinton and Leo.

Another day. Another round of broken fleeting thoughts and balloons deflating in the globe and massive clouds and delicious salads at lunch and cheese-less pizza with olives and chili flakes and everyone’s crusts.

Another day. Another round of sore shoulders and crackling bones and wrists that might not make it to the end and aching muscles because of over use or others in a state of constant entropy.

Another day. Another round of reading essays and commenting on leads and evidence and relevance of big ideas and getting kids excited about words and ideas and books and literary magazines and the future.

Another day. Another round of small talk and hallway smiles and “how’s it goings,” only so we can all lament on how busy we all are, or how much we are looking forward to the next break or how exhausting it all is.

Another day. Another round of watching the first touch rugby game and sitting out in the sun wishing that she could be a bit more aggressive and competitive and run a bit faster and come quicker to the ball, only to wonder why any of those traits will ever be useful. Thinking it is a dog-eat-dog world, but none of us are dogs.

Another day. Another round of being too tired to interact with Skyelar when we get home and falling asleep on the couch as they finish up dinner and making another promises to carve out more time to be a friend and a model and a father and less of a parent.

Another day. Another blank page and me and you and these words.

I want to drink more water. Worry less and take sides less often. I want to go with the flow and not be too bothered by the options of the internet. I want to smile more and compliment people without feeling self-conscious. I want to want less.

There are a lot of things coming up that I am looking forward to. I know I should be living in the now, but here is a quick look- Friday drinks and Frisbee Golf, Death Cab for Cutie show next week, Beer Craft things, Singapore Professional Wrestling, Persian New Year, a trip to Koh Lipe, possible Triathlon to name a few…..

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