February 13, 2016

Outside My Window

Outside my window hangs a sliver of a moon, surrounded by a darkness illuminated by infinite stars, and beyond that who knows. Some people call the spirit that fills the infinite- god. I don’t know anything about that, but I do know that there is a force out there and within us all, that’s filled with joy and pure love. It is bigger than the human spirit, as it connects us to all living beings. And on nights like tonight, when we are able to briefly connect with it and allow it to fill our cups, we understand our propose, no matter how long we have strived to name it. Maybe, it is best we simply enjoy it.

Tonight was our last night at Daraja, and we were involved in the weekly talent show. We saw skits and dancing. We recited poetry, and at one point a girl from Spain and another from China, danced a Bollywood number in front of a crowd of girls from ten different tribes in Kenya. An Italian boy performed circus tricks and an old teacher from Iran tried his best to belt out a Leonard Cohen song. And let’s not forget that a ten year old girl sang It’s A Wonderful World. These words cannot do justice to the scene that we witnessed. it is what peace looks like.

And even now, as I write these words from the quiet and distance of my banda, the girls are spending their last few precious Friday night minutes dancing and cheering in celebration. Somewhere in the mix, our kids are dancing too.

Earlier in the day we visited a Masai women’s collective and learned about several of their projects. We had a fabulous lunch in a tree top restaurant, and now our week here is drawing to a close. There is not much I can say without repeating myself from the week. I am just so thankful that we were able to make this trip happen for a second year in a row.

I received a letter from one of the girls tonight telling me how much of an impact our visits have had on her. Little does she know that the real impact is on us. I am sure that every person that we brought on this trip will cherish the memories that they’ve made here and Africa is now in their blood. I hope to hear of stories, years in the future,  telling me of how they came back to this wonderful place and about all the amazing work they will do.

Tomorrow, we say our goodbyes, pack and make the arduous trip back to the airport and back home to Singapore. Ready for school and report comment writing on Monday. I for one miss my family beyond belief this time. I look forward to seeing their beautiful faces and carrying on with this work that we have chosen to do. 

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