February 14, 2016

Sorted and Posted

Missed a night of daily writing last night. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I was busy getting our crew to the airport, fed, and on the flight back home. Happy to say another group has been successfully taken to Daraja and returned home safely.

Didn’t take as many photos this time, but they have been edited and sorted and posted on Flickr. I’ve showered, unpacked, eaten sushi for dinner, hugged the girls and getting ready for a long and comfortable sleep in my own bed.

Tomorrow I am back to school and it is going to be a long and busy week. Report card comments are due at the end of the week and that is always fun. I feel drained and exhausted and not sure how I will make it through, but I am sure it will all sort itself out. I’m also running my second 10km next Saturday, so that should be fun.

List of movies I watched on my flights:

The Martian= Meh
St. Vincent= Second time I’ve seen this one and I cried at the end again. Love this one.
Foxcatcher= What a bizarre and slow film. Wasn’t super impressed.
Black Mass= Haven’t we seen this movie a million times. Jonny Depp with blue eyes freaked me out.
Vacation (Remake)= Dumb low-bro comedy had me laughing out loud. Perfect plane movie.

Off to watch some Top Chef with Mairin and pass out.

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