March 19, 2016

Lots and Lots and Lots

It is 12:31am. Another post-midnight post. Gillian Welch is the background music-The Revelator album. The guitar is crisp, her voice raw and sweet, my mind clear and inspired but slightly foggy after a few beers celebrating Mike's birthday with good friends at The Little Island Brewing Company out at Chiangi.

I didn’t notice the planes overhead untill eleven. I was engrossed in good conversation with friends. Talking to David about how Vodka is just as good as Whiskey when it comes to complexity and tasting. Chatting to Mike and Claire about schools and learning. Our futures felt weird, knowing that Mike is leaving- seeing our team break apart and change is odd. Listened to Jeffrey and Tammy talking about their transition to moving back home. Chatted with Shawn about his hopes for next year and Lee told me he has already bought tickets for Weezer.

It was a pleasant night, with good music, a cool breeze and tasty brew. We were all tired after the Family Festival- an all school PA fundraising carnival at school.

Now here I am, nearly one am and ready for a deep and well-earned sleep. Sinead O’Conner is singing The Healing Room which is taking back to our small hut in Mozambique. I was telling the story of our time in Peace Crops to a co-worker the other night and she seemed enraptured with the story. I can’t wait to start writing snippets of that story in this space, but tonight is not the night.

“……we love you lots and lots and lots….”

“…I have a universe inside me. Where I can go, and a spirit guides me. There I can ask oh any question. I get the answers if I listen.“

Thank you everyone who I interact with o a daily basis for making my life so rich.

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