March 17, 2016

Ready For The Sun

Tomorrow is Friday of the penultimate week, before a four day week, which will usher in a two week spring break. I think students and teachers, as well as my own kids, are more than ready for this holiday. We have all been going strong since Chinese New Year, and while that may have only been a few weeks ago, it feels like an eternity. The days are bluring together- class after class and the nights are littered with naps and marking. Six classes worth of Argument writing pieces and Lit Essays has my brain spinning like a hamster wheel. I have little space for much else. And what little space I could be using for, you know, relaxing, enjoying, breathing, I have filled to the gills with election mumbo jumbo.

Let’s just say I am ready for the sun, the sand and the tranquil waters of the Andaman Sea.

In other news we have officially booked our tickets home, and we will be in the ole US of A, if it is still standing, on June 23. There are many people we would love to see, but time will be tight and we are on the move.

I will work out a detailed itinerary soonish to make sure we see as many of you as possible but a rough sketch looks like this: Marin for a week, down to Monterey to see my mom, road trip up the Redwoods, Bend Oregon, up to Squamish for a week, back down to Bellingham with possible stops in Vancouver and Seattle, then back to San Francisco to fly home August 2nd.

Since I have missed all of our HS reunions, and I have developed some cool relationships with many you people on FB, I would love to have a dinner or bar night in San Rafael for sure. I will send out details as we get closer to summer. Other than that, I am looking forward to being home and showing my girls my favorite places in Marin. Los of hikes on Mt. Tam and creek jumping at Sammy P. Park. I am very much looking forward to spending time with my favorite part of America- its nature.

Speaking of flights, I also booked flights for my first trip to Manila in a few weeks for a pastoral care conference at ISM. I always love going to places I have never been and The Philippines has been on my list for a while.

It’s funny, I often complain about the routineness of my life and here I am going to Thailand, The Philippines and Cascadia in the next few months. Need to take a moment for gratitude. I could be working in an office or at a bank with ten days of vacation that I spend on some cruise. I am very thankful for a life and a job that allow me to see the world and interact with people of all cultures.

Try as I might, I can’t squeeze much else from today.

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