March 25, 2016

Slow and Easy

Day one of the holiday started off slow and easy. Woke up to a quiet house around 8:30 and stayed in bed till about 9:00. After a bit of tough negotiations with Skye (She threw a tantrum and I hurled vague threats of “losing stuff.”) we scooted to Starbucks for a light breakfast and drinks.

Back home for a quick shower, then lunch at Alt and a movie. Skye and Mairin saw Kung Fu Panda III, and like a cool dad (or read an irresponsible one) I took Kaia to see the delightfully not too dark or slightly too violent Batman vs Superman- to which she said, “That was amazing.”

After a brief explanation about the difference between the Marvel and DC universes, and a trip down memory lane in which I described my Saturday mornings watching The Justice League, we both agreed that the music when Wonder Woman showed up was the coolest ever, and we agreed to see her full length film as soon as it comes out.

What can I say? The girl likes her movies and she is adequately desensitized to violence to enjoy more and more of them with me. The Huntsman series and Lord of the Rings are on tap and I am not sure which one of us is more excited. It’s not like we are showing her Beverly Hills Cop yet, right Geoff?

After the movie we came home, but I had to go to school to print up all our hotel vouchers. Once I got back, I took a nap. We had some dinner and I have been watching John Oliver and Samantha Bee videos on youtube. Next up, a bottle of champagne with Mairin, some episodes of Blackish, New Girl and maybe try out the new Chelsea Handler Does show everyone is talking about.

I’ll probably read a bit and go to sleep later than I should, because…

That’s only day one and we aren’t even in Thailand yet.

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