March 26, 2016

Booked and Confirmed

Day two of the holiday may have been even mellower than the first. Woke up around 8:30 again, the girls were playing on their own and Mairin was off to Zumba.

After making a quick breakfast for the girls, we just hung out in our pajamas for most of the morning. I strummed my guitar until Kaia came over and we worked on two songs- Under The Bridge by RHCP and Waiting On An Angel by Ben Harper. She then grabbed her guitar and practiced a few songs she wants to learn.

Skye was busy playing her keyboard and taking care of her baby dolls.

Showers. Lunch with Shruti and Sam. Dropped Sam off at the airport and home for a nap of the dead. Mairin actually said, ":What the hell is wrong with you that you are so tired? It's not like you did anything today but eat." I think my body is just catching up on rest.

Picked up some Veganburg and we watched the first Snow White and The Huntsman movie in the dark and snuggled on the couch. My dad called and talked to the girls, which was great because they haven’t talked in a long time.

He sounded good, but was surprised by my white hair until I reminded him that I was old now at 42- it is inevitable.

We are so excited about this summer. The rooms are booked. The houses confirmed. Happy Cow is finding every vegan restaurant up and down Cascadia- we are exploring hikes, rafting and horseback riding trips in the great outdoors.

Sorry if these first few holiday posts are a bit dull or mundane. My brain and body are slowly unwinding and to be honest even while I am awake and driving my mind is on auto pilot and not rustling about too hard.

The little bird landing on the podium at the Bernie Sanders’ rally was kind of cute and well….let’s stop there.

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