March 12, 2016

Speaking Of Gay

When I was in eighth grade, pretty much the worst thing you could be was gay, or at east that is the way I perceived it. I was a scrawny poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks who loved Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Smiths. I loved wearing my mom’s lipstick, cross dressing for spirit days and wishing I could be Robert Smith. I wad pretty sure I had to be gay, and like I said- that was the worst thin one could be.

Like many boys who did not feel too comfortable with my alpha-male status, I over compensated in the masculinity department and probably ended up looking like a confused jack ass. I am writing a novel about this struggle, so stay tuned.

My point is that, the one thing we boys wanted to do when I was in middle school was to proved that we were the farthest thing from queer as possible.

But today, at our school, we were celebrating Little Pink Dot, where almost half of our middle school dressed in pink to help celebrate and support the LBGT community that might be in our school.

In middle school I wasn’t a gay kid, but I still felt assaulted, so today when I saw so many members of our community show love and acceptance for anyone who might be questioning their sexuality or have identified as LGBT, made me so happy and proud. We have come a long way toward acceptance, tolerance and love. These kids today do not have the same hang ups as we did.

Speaking of gay, I went to watch Singapore Professional Wrestling with a bunch of my dude friends and it was so much fun. We screamed and drank and cheered and had a great time. It is late again, after 1:00am. I taught four classes today, had an accreditation meeting, watched wrestling, had a few drinks and am now home. It’s time to close this day off.

It was another good one, but it is time for the long sleep.

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