March 10, 2016

Cranberries and The Bell Jar

I had so much today, as I skimmed the film that is my life as I was living it. Constructing little snippets of thoughts and ideas, feelings and questions, out of words and phrases in my head. Wow, that was a difficult sentence to punctuate and it is clear that I punctuated it poorly. But we don’t have time for that. I need to scrape together some of the highlights from the day:

Started off with a great assembly by visiting author Sarah J. Maas. Oh, I can’t do this….too much happened today and I haven’t the energy to explore the meaning or significance of any of it.

We ran two grade seven events which featured students and included primary school kids, administrators, coaches and other members of our school community. It went well. Kids did a great job, and we were all duly impressed with their commitment and dedication to their learning. Yay team. In between those two periods, I ran our Daraja GC meeting as we prepared for the upcoming Family Festival. It was busy and hectic and chaotic, but thankfully productive.

I had so many insightful things that I was going to write about tonight- the various events and the conversations I had with my students and my team and the epiphanies I had at each turn, but at the end of the day, as I sit here too tired to gather my thoughts, I will just say that good things happened in the lives of the people I work with everyday. It was a winning day for our students, our department and our school. I am proud of the work we did. I love that I feel pride in the work that I do. It is so important. 

Made up for missing my run yesterday. Cranked out a pretty easy 8km. Felt good to just have shoes on the ground and let my thoughts spill out. Made an effort not to be obsessed with my time and not worry too much about pace or distance. I just enjoyed the breeze and stared at the clouds and put down one foot after the other.

I thought about my novel while running. I decided that one of my characters, who is a grade eight girl wants to be a bit of a feminist and her entry point into this world is through Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. I have not ever read this book, but it is next on my list. The character will use what I find in this book as a tool to educate the protagonist on what it means for her to be a feminist.

I figure if the book is good and useful, then the ideas she has will be well-informed and the advice that she gives will be sound, but if the book is not useful then I will warp her views and the advice she gives might be circumspect. Either way I have decided that I will need to read The Bell Jar because my character needs to have read the book.

I love the fact that I am thinking about what books my characters need to read so I can shape their world views based on what I find in the books myself. I need to look through these texts with the eye of a middle school student, as these are my main characters, and see if I can shape the world they inhabit through these lenses.

I am falling in love with dried cranberries and I had Ramen for dinner. It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed the rich salty MSG goodness of Ramen. I slurped it up as I watched some John Oliver and Samantha Be clips on Youtube as they made fun of the GOP. Which lets face it, doesn’t take much work these days.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am off to watch some professional wrestling with the boys. Can Not Wait.

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