March 27, 2016

The Fringe Elements

During the school year, I wrote posts that would be litany of all the things I did on an average day. Thankfully, however, the holiday lists are much shorter. They really just include: woke up, ate, slept, ate and slept.

There were a few other things i did today but not much else: Started getting Kaia comfortable on a skateboard, which is ironic, seeing that I am not comfortable on a skateboard. Then we headed to Keri-Lee’s house to catch up, meet their puppy, do some swimming, have lunch and scoot back home.

Then as always is the case after four pm- I went down for my oldman nap, dinner, watched Chelsea Does Racism and now trying to stay awake and interested enough to crank out this edition of whatever the hell this thing is becoming.

In other news- I tried to explain the Super Delegate system to KL, who is from New Zealand, even bringing up the 1968 convention and the name George McGovern. She found it unbelievable and depressing, which is a great way to think about the American “democratic” system. We couldn’t bring ourselves to understand the Trump debacle.

This morning while clipping my toenails, I finally yanked off the loose nail and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain and the new nail already growing fitfully beneath the shell of the damaged one. Sorry Jeff, no photos. You will just have to take my word on it for now.

The most serious topic I thought about today was whether or not to shave before we go to Thailand or to commit to some kind of beard in the coming weeks. Keep the hair and beard trimmed and silver or let it go a bit wild and bushy all around. I know where Mairin stands on this one, but I am not sure. I will probably act on a whim either way, but for now I will entertain both options. The fringe elements of my mind are considering a mohawk or a bleach dye job.

I have had the hiccups twice today. It has been years since I have suffered this fate and it is not pleasant. I am not a fan of things happening in my body that I am not in control of.

One of these nights when I am adequately rested, I might attempt to take on a topic more interesting than my facial hair, hiccups or toenails, in the meantime this is all I got.

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