March 8, 2016

Things I Learned From Seth Cohen

The dates don’t seem to match up. The album release dates and the times The OC was airing should have been 2006, but apparently they both started in 2003. All I know is that in the summer of 2006, or at least the later part of June, Mairin was crazy pregnant with Kaia. We spent our free days by the pool at the Bayu Condo in Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur. We’d swim and rest and wade and float, then come home in late afternoon to naps and marathon sessions of The OC.

We would watch her stomach move and play Mozart to Kaia in the womb. We would talk to her and read her stories. While watching the OC, we became aware of a band called Death Cab For Cutie, because they were a favorite of Seth Cohen. I had heard the name as an opening act for Pearl Jam in 2004, but I had not really explored their album Transatlanticism until I saw them on The OC.

And tonight, ten years later, I saw them put on a killer show in Singapore. I saw them a few years ago at The Greek Theater, so I knew that they put on a much more aggressive rock show- than their somewhat mellow poppy album renditions. I got a free ticket by harassing the organizers on Twitter and it was great to hang with Lee​ and Cindy​, Geoff and Angela​.

We had a nice night cap afterwards and now here I am- passed one am on a school night. Just ate some tomatoes, olives, a vegan cheese sandwich and some left over pasta.

The day was jam packed: three classes, a sports symposium, a student meeting at lunch, my first Head of Grade meeting and a run before I left for the show. But I think it is import that matter how old we get and how tired we may feel that we make an effort to catch midweek shows. I have been going to shows since my first one in seventh grade - The Thompson Twins and OMD.

I cannot imagine a time when a band I like comes to town and I will not go and see them. Some people go to church to get their groove, I go see live music.

Tomorrow is another day and I need my sleep.

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