March 6, 2016

Sunday Sounds

It was a bit before noon and the sun was out, but not too hot- at least by South East Asian standards. We had scooted to the park and the girls were dipping their toes in the water; we all knew they would be neck deep in a matter of minutes. I took a few photos of the clouds, the ships, and admired the gentle lapping waves, the aqua water and the fluidity of each breath. 

I laid my head down onto the ground and kicked off my shoes, gently digging my toes in the sand. Eyes closed- I could hear the sounds of Sunday competing with the silence in my mind. We stayed an hour or so. The girls ended up playing tag in the water fully clothed and soaking wet. Upon leaving, Skye with her new shades walked to her scooter with a swagger that she is learning to master.

As soon as we got home, I told them to get showered and dressed and ready for lunch and a movie, while I was washed the sand out of my hair. It is amazing how much they can do on their own these days. We had a great lunch at Wine Connection. It was nice to hang-out just the three of us. We all missed Mairin, but sometimes it just feels different when one parent is not there. We ate and talked and enjoyed each others’ company. Kung Fu Panda III was funny and smart and damn entertaining.

Dinner at home and an easy bed time. All in all, it was a very relaxed and perfect Sunday to end a very relaxed and perfect weekend.

I watched and read a bunch of Trump and Sanders stuff today that has me thinking, but I am too calm and too tired to do it justice tonight. Besides it probably needs a few more days to properly stew and soak up the flavours I want.

Back to school tomorrow, should be a good week. We are wrapping up units in grade seven and eight and the kids are doing great work. Read some essays tonight and wow! These kids can write. It always feel good when you work your butt off and the results can be seen in student work. They are thinking deeply and articulating their thoughts clearly. What more can a teacher ask for?

Death Cab for Cutie tomorrow should be a nice school night treat and I am looking forward to finishing this Eat and Run book that is killing me with its mediocrity. I am ready to be reading something else. It is a big disappointment after The Season of the Witch. It’s amazing how much what I read effects my moods and my work flow and my daily motivation. This running book is putting me in a rut and I need to get out of it. Maybe his plan was to write a really monotonous, boring, predictable book to show you what it feels like to run an ultra-marathon.

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