April 26, 2016


It can be dangerous to care too much too much of the time. It burns you out and crushes your spirit. If you give 110% to everything you do and empty yourself into the things you love, you’ll be left empty with nothing left to crawl into at the end of the day. You must learn to cherish the possibility of not doing it all, not getting it all right all the time. Entertain the idea of things being enough even when they don’t feel like enough. Revel in and enjoy the close enoughs, as much as the out-of-the-parks.

None of this is meant to be boastful. Passion personified isn’t always worth what you think it is. Sometimes it’s a dud and a dead end. A break down. We’re all doing our best or at least the best we can at any given time.

"I'ma gonna keep on running, cuz a winner don't quit on themselves."

“Every promise don’t work out that way.”

I bought Lemonade. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been reading a lot of posts about it, and to tell the truth I have nothing to say at this time except that it is a moving, thought provoking and honest piece of art, one that I am sure will reveal more and more with every listen and viewing.

It’s coming out in spurts tonight- like rabbit pellets of emptiness devoid of substance or meaning.

She was nervous. Enjoy that fear I told her, it can be turned into adrenaline. It never goes away; I still feel like I am going to throw up every time I go on any stage, but there is no feeling like it.

You have practiced right? You are ready right? No matter what you do, don’t stop or say you messed up. Just keep going and no one will know you made a mistake, and even if they do you can make it up by playing longer and better later.

She was poised and patient and nailed it.

I might be living vicariously through Kaia, but I really look forward to her someday singing me songs with her guitar near a fire somewhere, perhaps a beach, under a moon and some stars.

Our kids will be adults someday, but they will always be our friends. We build them up and fill them with hope and love and values and dreams and wish that there is enough room in there for some pieces of ourselves and that we leave the vast spaces that they need to build themselves up.

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