April 16, 2016

Travel Day

Today was a travel day for the most part. We finished the summit with a later start and an early ending. After grabbing yet another Falafel sandwich we headed for the airport. Lucky I had downloaded a few movies so that was my day. Watching movies and drinking cokes. I watched Daddy’s Home at the airport, which might be the warmest airport I have ever been to, and it was laugh out loud funny at times. The airport was so crowded, I had to sit on the floor near the window. Not one cafe or bar to get a coffee or a beer. Weird.

On the plane I watched the Hateful Eight. I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Loved the story telling, direction and dialogue. This is one of Tarantino’s best. I can’t believe this is his eighth film; as I was recapping them in my head, I realised I really like his films.

Quick run through Changi, the best airport in the world, and I was home buried in hugs by my exhausted children. Poor Mairin is writing reports, so I watched a 45 min interview with Amy Schumer, yes, I am obsessed and now getting ready for sleep in my own bed.

The teeth are still aching and I am still hoping it just gets better, I don’t have time for health this week. I wish I had more to report, more to say, more to share, but these are the days of the passing mundane. Are these posts getting boring? Are those random readers flipping passed these words on their phones as they want for buses, planes or trains? Am I less interesting? Am I tried of myself? Probably.

On days like this I didn’t even have tweet length thoughts. Just zoned out and walking through lines and sweating and watching and eating and now the being awake part is almost done.

Maybe this is it? Maybe this is what everyone can relate to? Everyone is always complaining about how people only post their Facebook lives in staged photo ops. Well, the opposite of that are posts like this one. No photos, just words of fatigue and tooth aches. Nights in pyjamas watching youtube while your tired wife taps out reports. This might not be the Saturday night you plaster all over Instagram, no filter will make these nights enticing, but they are the nights you are living.

burning bloodshot eyes
take each day one at a time
life unfolds at its own pace

Scraped out a Haiku just for you.

Good night.

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