April 15, 2016

Bad Teeth

My teeth are killing me. They really hurt and have been hurting all day. My sinuses are not great either, and I suspect that the two are connected. It’s like a low-grade constant throbbing ache. All my top teeth, or at lest the ones in the back and up by my ears.

The Advisory Summit was good today despite my lethargy and pain. Nadine, Duff and I are having some great conversations about what our mentor program could or should look like. Getting some good ideas by looking at what other schools are doing. Lot’s to think and talk about when we get back.

My afternoon was not glamorous by any means, but exactly what I needed- Had a few beers at the after summit social. Came back to my room and laid in bed watching the entire two hour Democratic Debate. Rustled up enough energy to walk across the street for a falafel sandwich, some fries, a 7-up and three Krispie Kreme donuts. Yes, I know those are not vegan.

I watched Room after inhaling all the food, and then watched Samantha Bee and Amy Schumer on youtube. While being able to rest has been nice, it is lonely in this room and I am ready to come home. Being alone for this long really makes me appreciate my family.

Now it is time for sleep.

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  1. It seems like your toothache and sinuses are doing a great job keeping you in pain. I have had the same problem in the past thanks to my sinuses, and I know suffering is not fun. I hope you were able to see a dentist who can help with the pain, and possibly a doctor to help with your sinus problems.