April 23, 2016

Well Spent

Today was pretty great and easy and perfect. Woke up late(ish) and got the kids ready for the marathon drive to the West side for an ice-skating birthday party. Spent two easy hours cruising the ice and hanging out. Quick change of clothes and lunch in the car and it was time for basketball at Fastbreak. So fun to watch the girls getting better. Skye was a bit nervous at first, since it was her first time, but she quickly warmed up and even sunk a few baskets.

Headed home. Got a haircut. Took a nap. Had dinner out. Watched Harry Potter V, the first of the films that I have seen that didn’t bore me to death. And now, a little passed 10pm and time for a long quiet sleep. This was a long week and nothing could have been better that the day we had.

I didn’t think about much. Didn’t have any inner turmoil. I had a slight case of FOMO for the Lit conference, but I quickly blocked it out. I needed a break this weekend. My mind is full and anything new would have sent me over the edge.

Chalk this one up for the record books as well spent.

Learned that Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness who did all kinds of secret humanitarian work, which included helping Trayvon Martin’s family. I am working on a cover of Nothing Compares To You on the guitar. Not sure where it will go, but it is fun to sing alone for sure.

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