April 13, 2016

Whipping Up A Workshop

I was lost in another intense dream this morning. I was in a small room-trapped, but I didn’t know why and the phone was ringing; I couldn’t find it or figure out how to answer it. I kept screaming, “Can someone please just answer that phone! It’s making me crazy." This felt like it want on forever. Then I woke up, only to realise that my wake-up call had been ringing for a while.

We landed late last night and by the time we arrived at the hotel and got in bed, it was already passed one am. Up at seven and all day at the conference. It’s going well. I have lots of thoughts, but too tired tonight to even process. I went out for a quick bite and have been watching bad TV in my room.

Oh get this, apparently at some point I agreed to run a breakout session. I had no idea, until Duff mentioned it on the airplane last night, and so I had nothing prepared. Thinking back I must have thought it was like an “unconference” where I would just facilitate a conversation or something, but it turns out it is an actual 45 min session on classroom spaces.

Thank goodness I could talk about that topic in my sleep, but thank even more goodness that Paula just ran a session on the exact topic in Milan. We debriefed before I left, so her ideas, which are amazing BTW, were still fresh in my head.

We chatted today for a while and I “borrowed” some of her resources, added a few of my own and now I am worried I might have too much stuff and might actually need more than the allotted time.

I love the fact that we are on the same page in so many aspects of what we do, that many times she will use resources I have made and extend on my ideas and many, many times I will use her resources and ideas as well.

My afternoon was spent getting this session ready and resting. Haven’t really had a chance to explore Manila, unless you included walking up and down High Street feeling slightly overwhelmed, until I found this awesome fallafel place.

I’ll have a more comprehensive write up of this advisory summit when it is done, but for now it is important to say that I am meeting some cool people. This guy Cory is the real deal Mike. And I have been chatting with Chris and Kassan too Jacqui. And it looks like the entire staff from HKIS is here, Rob. It always amazes me how dedicated and passionate teachers are about the work they do and the kids they teach.

Time for the deep sleep. I wonder want weird dream will ensure me tonight.

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