April 14, 2016

People Care So Much

Some nights writing these posts is hard. It could be that I have processed too many thought. Or not enough happened in the day. Or I might be too tired or slightly drunk. Or maybe I just don’t want to write, but when you make some thing a habit, a routine, a rule, you have no choice, but to suck up it up and write the words.

Tonight my excuses is that I processed too much information. I am tired and I am slightly buzzed. Just got back from a lovely meal of organic vegan food. I didn’t even suggest the place, but that was the vibe that the crew wanted, and this is a good thing. Had a few drinks before we went and some lovely micro-brews with dinner. We chatted about how to teach kids and save the world and how to be better at our jobs and how to be better people. We spoke about sustainability and Monsanto and Tyson meats and class and problems and solutions.

It is so cool to think how many people care so much to do the work we do. I am so proud to have dedicated my life to education and while sometimes it gets me down, it feels great to talk and share and fail and succeed.

Back in my room, I am listening to Sufjan Stevens and contemplating what is better- just turning out the lights and sleeping or watching Room.

My session went well today. Thanks for asking. I had about 14 people there and they were excited and engaged and asking all the right questions about the power of deliberately designed learning spaces. The rest of the day was useful and provocative.

I am so excited about my new head of grade role. And now that I have stepped even one tiny step away from my immediate teaching role, now that I have seen how many moving parts there are, I am starting to think that maybe I do have some interest in administration and leadership on a larger scale in the future. Now sure what that means or what that could look like. Let’s see how next year goes, but maybe there is some bigger leadership roles in my future.


The excitement of travel and solitude in hotel rooms is slowly being replaced by fatigue and missing my family. Can’t wait to see them in a few days.

Not everyday can be some profound epiphany. Today was well spent. I learned a lot. I thought a lot. I taught. I learned. I ate. I drank. I shared and received. Maybe these are the days that matter when we add them all up.

Random observations- The service industry in Manilla is amazing, So nice and warm and accommodating. Singaporeans should come here and take some hospitality courses.
The reaches of globalisation and American imperialism in the Philippines are both familiar and comforting, but at times nauseating.

That is all.

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