May 2, 2016

A Series of Ruts

I took Kaia out on the skateboard again today. We were properly padded up this time to encourage slightly more aggressive skating and to avoid injury. Which is a good thing because she took a pretty hard fall. The board slipped out from under her and she went full horizontal and landed on her elbow and hip. It had to hurt. She cried. I hugged. We sat and waited away the pain. And then, just like that we were back at it.

She is getting much better. She’s still a bit stiff and unbalanced, but she is getting the hang of it slowly. We need a good smooth place with a slight incline. The tunnel was okay, but not the best. Looking forward to getting her back out again soon. The time has come for my long board purchase. I will be a bit more aggressive about buying my board so the two of us can cruise East Coast Park together soon.

Ran tonight. A healthy and comfortable 8km. It is all coming back to me. Felt mentally okay and the legs and lungs felt good. I am looking at signing up for another 10km at the end of May and maybe the half-marathon in Cambodia in December. Gonna push my distances in the coming weeks no matter what. My accidental break is over. Time to get back into the routine.

I’ve been in a s series ruts since the April break. I think I have been so looking forward to the summer that I have not really been living in the now. Last night, I finally found out why. My reading life was comatose. I wasn’t reading anything. I realised that if I am not reading something fun, thought provoking, gut wrenching or just simply interesting than everything else in my life feels dull and uninspired.

I came to this epiphany last night in bed as I started Carrie Brownstein’s book called Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl. For those of you who do not know who Carrie is- she is the singer and guitarist of the punk(ish) band Sleater Kinney and the writer and star of Portlandia. She has also appeared on shows like Transparent. And as if that wasn’t a resume enough, now she can add bad-ass writer to her CV. I am only 56 pages into it so far, but it has gotten me so fired up about life, art, music, being an obsessive fan and more. The prose is tight and her insights are powerful.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of her music or her acting or not, this book is for anyone who loves the idea of music and art as salvation. For people who believe in heros and fandom and the power of music to transcend any and all of life struggles and pain. This book is for anyone who has ever been obsessed with music to the point of it acting as your best friend, counselor or priest.

I am so excited because this book has finally kick started my reading life and I can feel the loosening of the other ruts that may have calcified since April.

Stumbled upin the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend. How cool would it be if Disney of all people could move beyond the heteronormative stories we tell children? I would love to have the conversation about Elsa’s girlfriend with both of my kids. I am not holding my breath that one of the largest corporations in the world will make this move, but I hope we are moving in that direction.

The three day weekend has come to an end and that is fine. It was well spent. Hung out with friends, with my kids, my students, in nature and at restaurants. Saw movies. Took naps. Ran. Drank. Wrote and Read. Now it is time for some Game of Thrones and a new week up ahead.

Bring it.

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