May 30, 2016

Cue Tantrum

Hey Skyelar, we are going out to lunch, so maybe wearing those leggings and that shirt is a bit too casual. Can you put on some proper pants and maybe a t-shirt under that sweat shirt?

No. This is fine.

Yeah, but first of all the colors are exactly the same or very close and that looks strange, and really leggings and that sweatshirt might be something you were around the house.

No. This is fine.

I’m gonna insist that you were something that is a bit more appropriate for going out to lunch. Please go change We are running late.

No. This is fine.

Skyelar, that outfit is not okay for going out. Go change it right now.

No. This is fine.

I am losing patience here. Go change your clothes.

No. This is fine.

Skyelar! We are late. Change your clothes now!

….cue tantrum……No. No. I don’t always have to do what you tell me. This outfit is fine. It is not weird!

I never said…..

Escalating tantrum….I will not change. Cue tears. Cue screaming. Cue running to mommy……

Daddy says I’m weird and my clothes are ugly. I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE. I’m NOT WEIRD.

Sobbing in Mairin’s arms.

Elapse time to about ten minutes later. She comes out of her room with a different coloured pair of leggings. This is somehow a compromise and we are both winners.

I’m gonna tell everyone my tooth is wobbly today at school.

You know. It is actually not that wobbly. Not really noticeable at all.

But you said last night it was wobbly.

Yeah, but now that I have felt it, it still feels pretty secure.

But you said last night it was wobbly.

I’m just saying it doesn’t feel wobbly enough to announce to your whole class.

But you said last night it was wobbly.

Skyelar! What can I say it is not wobbly.

You are a liar.

….cue tantrum……my daddy is a liar. Escalating tantrum….You said it was wobbly. Cue tears. Sobbing in Mairin’s arms.

We finally make it to the car. Each of us holding a heavy grudge. I realise I am involved in a stand off with a six year old over a wobbly tooth. I smile. She smiles.

Are we good?

But you said last night it was wobbly.

I suppose it might be.

I gots mentor comments to write before Game of Thrones people. Enjoy your Monday where ever you happen to be in the world.

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