May 31, 2016

Report Writing

Today was pretty full on. Extended meeting planning for next year which required cover and went well into lunch. Two classes. An Off Tangent meeting. My ow crazy, rowdy, obnoxious kids in the ride home, and a pleasant, but coming at the tail of end of a long day dinner with Kim. Real Food was delicious and I think I ate 50 dumplings.

Then came home and attempted to write reports. I got two done. Wrote them from scratch. No templates. No formula. Just two reports on two kids I have taught all year. Only twenty more mentor comments to go.

But for now I think it is time for a glass of wine, some Silicon Valley and rest before tomorrow. Which includes two student led conferences for my own kids, teaching, more meetings and more reports. There will be a respite of Drone Wars or Game of Drones tomorrow night, but you have to wait till it’s over for details on that event.

In the meantime, a few juicy snippets from the reports:

_______ is a soft-spoken, gentle and kind young man. Never one to demand attention, he carries on at his own pace and gets what needs to be done, done. He has a variety of interests and he pursues them with vigor and intensity.

Even after working with _______ for two years, I find it is difficult to really get to know him, because he holds so much close to his chest, but it is clear that he is a happy well-adjusted young man taking on the world on his own terms. And I find this very admirable.

I wish there was a way to harness and use _______ ’s energy and enthusiasm to power our society. She is a raging fire and a bolt of lightning. Whether she is trying to articulate and relate the merits of Rousseau’s Social Contract and her own ethics in an English essay, or taking control of a GC meetings or event, _______ works with energy and care.


Hmmmmm..... report writing can actually be like real writing if you have some fun with it. Check back with me when I have done at least ten.

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