May 26, 2016


I came home today, and while I was contemplating a short run before dinner, I sat on the couch to take a breather; I shut my eyes for a brief rest- I woke up an hour later and felt like a drugged zombie. Such is the life of a teacher in late May.

Needless to say, I did not run. Marin was off to her regular Zumba class, so the girls and I scooted to Chat Masala and had some Indian food. We were all a bit shattered, but it was a nice way to spend some time just the three of us. The kids were in good moods, better than mine, and they experimented with Aloo Gobi and Samosas- which was nice.

For some reason the tank is running pretty low tonight. Cannot motivate to do any work. Cannot even eek out a sub-par post. Don’t have energy for mindless internet. There is too much random things flying at me when ever I tangle myself in that web- no more Chewbacca lady please. A Sanders Trump debate? In June? What is happening?

The only thing that seems to feel right is bed. A book. Then sleep.

The mentor comment monster still lurks in the shadows, but next week is around the corner and I will crank them out then. In the meantime, sorry for this post, but the reality is that sometimes post 147 won’t be that great. My brain hurts, my eyes are droopy, my stomach is too full and my heart is empty.

If I had more energy I would write about the power of grade 5 exhibition. The concept of collegial karma. Moving classrooms and recreating new spaces. The amazing work my grade 8’s are doing on their position papers. But I don’t. So I won’t.

What’s that? Friday tomorrow? Well timed.

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