May 27, 2016

We Are Young

It’s kind of sad how excited I am for what is happening right now, and what might follow the next three hours. It is 8:37pm on a Friday night. I just got home from a pool party with some friends, where I had a few beers and Pina Coladas. I am nursing a gentle tired buzz, but nothing drastic like a drunk. I have hit play on song one on Lemonade by Beyonce and I have nothing to really do or worry about tonight, expect for trying to capture a few words that you might nod your head at.

I might watch some random youtube clips when I am done, or I could commit to a full movie- Deadpool is begging to be watched. I just read some lit on The Big Lebowski so I am dying to watch Barton Fink or the Hudsucker Proxy. If a film is too much commitment I could read a few essays from Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay or if all else fails I could just shut the whole show down and go to sleep before 10pm. The point being- I gots options, and none of them involve me getting of the couch.

Shift from Beyonce….to The Strokes. Just found out there is a new EP out and three new songs out on Spotify. I am still a big fan of the boys from NYC…

We drove up to Boston from NYC. Ari, David and I. I can’t pinpoint the geography but somehow we stopped at Yale to visit with Jeff. I have no idea whose car we took. Could have been a bus. I have no recollection. I just know that we were in Yale for a night before the night of the show. We had driven up to Boston to see The Strokes at the Orpheum. 2004? 2005? Not sure. We drank at some local Boston bar across the street from the couch where we were staying- a friend of Dave’s. We were out of place but we belonged.

The night of show, we partied pretty hard. Can’t get into the details as this is a family post, but we were feeling pretty good as we entered the show. I think the Kings of Leon opened, but I don’t remember if we arrived to see them. We were sitting in row AA front and center. That means that there were 26 other rows in front of us, but there was a path that started from the center of the stage and ended in front of my seat.

The show started and everyone was on their feet singing and jumping about. Then around the sixth song, Casablancas leapt from the stage and started to walk down the path. The song was Under Control, at least that is how my memory has constructed it- he was headed straight for me. Then before I knew it he was sitting on my lap and we were sharing the mic. The spotlight was on us both and I was screaming at the top of my lungs:

I don't want to change your mind,
I don't want to change the world.
I just want to watch it go by.
I just want to watch you go by.
We were young, darling
We don't have no control
We're out of control…

He smelled of leather and sweat and he is a much bigger dude than you might think. He returned to the stage after a few bars. It was a good night.

These new songs aren’t bad on first listen. It’s been sixteen years since The Strokes, the darlings of hip NYC rock renaissance started, and they are still making pretty good jams.

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