May 5, 2016

The Path Taken

There’s a good chance that both my ankles are broken.

They’re not so bad when I am sitting, but ask me to get up and grab a glass of water and it feels like Kathy Bates has taken a sledge hammer to them both.

I ran home today say and in an effort to “push myself” in “preparation” for my upcoming run, I decided to take the long way home. So instead of the easy seven kilometer door-to-door route I am used to, I added a few kilometers to the run. Six to be exact. I ran 13km home today, and this is the farthest I’ve ever run. And now, both my ankles might be broken. Apparently pushing yourself hurts pretty badly.

But let me tell you a little story, another lesson I learned today on the park connector path just passed The Aquarius condo building. I had just crossed a bridge and started heading down the path adjacent to the viaduct, when I realzied that I was on the wrong side. The path I was on would end in a few feet and the smart thing to do would have been to turn around and back track to the bridge and start again on the other side, down the correct path which we would have taken me to the next street.

I was pretty tired at this point and the idea of back tracking seemed too much to handle. So I just kept running on the now grass path, thinking that I could bush-whack my way through the foliage if it became too dense. A few feet later a small gang of workers told me to turn around because the path would end abruptly shortly up ahead, and like a pompous asshole, I waved off their warning and just kept running. Until…yup you guessed it the path became impassable. No problem, I scaled the short fence and ran down by the water. It was low tide and there was enough dry land to make it the one kilometer or so I need to traverse.

When I got to the end, and was feeling quite pleased with myself, I must say, I needed to run up the slope to get back to the street. I took a few steps back to get a running start when I stepped ankle deep into an almost black mound of sludge, which delightfully smelled like Ursula’s armpits and, there is no graceful way of saying this- shit. Both of my shoes were covered in the stuff and it stank so bad I almost puked.

I eventually made my way up the embankment and with no other choice for me to make I kept running home. Holding my breath until the smell abated. The lesson:

You know all that B.S. about the road not taken, and think outside of the box? I am here to tell you that sometimes there is a reason a path is not taken. Sometimes it makes sense to TURN AROUND, when you know you are making a mistake. No amount of obstinate posturing in life is worth it if you are stubbornly doing the wrong thing just to take a risk or trying something new. For all the times that this risky behavior might pay off, there are also times when you must be practical and smart enough to just turn around and stay on the safe path.

The young radical rule-breaker me, shudders as I write these words, although he often kept running with shit on his shoes, but the older wiser means is learning that you don’t always have to go against the grain or try new things, sometimes it makes sense to stay on the path that has been indicated for you to be on.

I kind of already miss Ted Cruz’s demonic, creepy, pathetic, jowl-ridden face. (Off Tangent- Seth Meyer’s “Closer Look” segments which can be found on Youtube are pretty great.)

Last night, a few minutes passed midnight, I finished the Carrie Brownstein book. And all I can say is that it is perfect. I loved every word, every page, every story. You know who you are- the people, who must read this book. I actually considered starting over as soon as I finished, and I never do that, but I am going to re-read Murikami’s What I talk About When I Talk About Running instead. I read it a few years ago as a writer, but now I hope to discover new insights as a runner too.

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